30. maj 2024 afholdes på Københavns Universitet et symposium med titlen Lost in Transl:AI:tion: Implications of machine translation for communication and comprehension.

With the arrival of ChatGPT on the scene in November 2022 and the continuous improvements made to contemporary machine translation (MT) systems resulting in these now being a part of the AI family, many questions have arisen related to how educators and researchers should react to this technology. Yet, automatic translation does not only concern those within translation studies, but everyone who avails of these automated translation solutions for communication and comprehension purposes. This leads to more questions concerning, for example, the role this technology will play in society and the ethical considerations that will inevitably arise from the use of this technology.

In response to the impact of MT on society, we will hold a one-day symposium to serve as a platform for discussing how MT technology influences various spheres of our research areas and the ethical, practical, and theoretical challenges and possibilities that accompany its widespread use.

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